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SPORTS Stock Market - Patent & Website w/traders

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Jockbrokers is a fully functioning company, website, and patent being sold together. The market is a real money stock market where users can trade shares of their favorite professional athletes similar to stock trading. In our 4 target markets the patent solves many problems but these are the biggest.

1) Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Gambling are illegal in most states.
2) Traditional Sports Card Investing is dead. The companies over produce all the cards and over 95% of them lose value over time. Also, there is no link to on field performance and the value of the cards.
3) Investing in financial markets takes too much time, money, and knowledge.
4) In fantasy sports or sports gambling there are many time constraints, rules regarding winning or losing and at the end of the time period the game or bet is defined as either winning or losing.

Jockbrokers is a simplified version of of the NYSE using sports cards as the asset being traded. We limit the supply of each athlete in the market and the values are tied directly to on-field performance. Jockbrokers is not a game, it is a marketplace, in many ways resembling Ebay or Amazon.

Check out our website, watch the video on the landing page and call our CEO now to make your offer (618)201-6076 If you cannot afford to buy the entire thing but like the idea please sign up for our great bonuses a trader or contact us about investing in the company and owning a percentage of the patent.

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