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Recycling Flush Toilet System

[Category : - Bathroom]
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A recycling flush toilet has a receptacle for human waste, a liquids holding tank, a base, a toilet pipe whose upper end is in fluid communication with the base of the toilet and extends downwards, a waste separation pipe extending out from the lower end of the toilet pipe, having a first end, wherein the lower end of the toilet pipe extends into the separation pipe near the first end, a filter at the lower end of the toilet pipe for separating solids and liquids, a solids container axially aligned, and in fluid communication, with the toilet pipe, and a liquids container in fluid communication with the separation pipe and adjacent to the solids container. The filter separates the waste into liquid and solid components that are disposed into the liquids and solids containers, respectively. Liquids within the liquids container are used to flush the toilet.

A lot of non-profit international organizations, such as Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, want to provide better sanitation to the third world countries where access to water is very limited in order to improve women's quality of life. So far, all they can offer is composting toilet and portable cabin toilet which are similar to latrine (back House toilet) and people aren't interested in this kind of sanitation. They want nothing less than a flush toilet like the one that every North American is enjoying at home.

The Recycling Flush Toilet System is the only alternative because it uses the same toilet bowl as standard bathroom without the inconvénients of a portable cabin toilet with a recycling water which is treated to be odorless and colorless.

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