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A staircase for a vehicle with a rigid frame attached to a rigid bed connector that is attachable to the bed of a vehicle. The bed connector is pivotably attachable to the bed so that the connector can be rotated between a stowed position in which the connector is above the bed and a deployed position in which the connector extends behind the vehicle bed. The frame is rotatably attached to the bed connector so the frame is rotatable between a deployed position in which an end of the frame rests on the ground and a retracted position in which the frame is parallel to the bed. The bed connector is then rotatable to bring the staircase to stowed position above the vehicle bed. A plurality of steps are attached to the staircase frame so that a user can walk up the stairs and onto the vehicle bed.
The stairs mount on the back right hand corner off a trailer they store and lock on the inside of the back of the trailer easy to remove it if need be. Easy to remove if need be also patented in the United States
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