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A stylus that can be used with any laptop or other computer

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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With the recent introduction of the Apple Pencil, the Microsoft Surface Pen, and various Wacom styluses, stylus input for portable electronic devices has suddenly become very popular. However, these styluses are limited to writing directly on screen and can only be used with compatible screens.

This patented invention and related technology provides a way to compete with these products by providing a stylus for writing and drawing more naturally, with increased precision, on a wide variety of devices that includes the entire installed base of laptop and desktop computers.

This invention overcomes a problem common to all previous pen-mouse products in which the commonly-available optical-mouse technology was put into a pen form factor. This design shortcut caused the bar-of-soap dexterity of a mouse to show up in the pen-shaped version. Customers were unable to write, or even sign their names, because every mouse-in-pen necessarily misinterprets these hand movements.

To the customer this invention means accurate writing and drawing. It also means using a horizontal surface in a natural position, instead of the chalkboard-oriented screen of a laptop or desktop monitor. It eliminates difficult spots where a display provides no hand support. The on-screen cursor will show precisely where digital ink will flow, without a stylus point being in the way and without such a point creating a slightly different expectation of where it will flow. Normal-sized handwriting can be scaled to the expected size on screen, or the document can be zoomed in for greater precision without requiring greater steadiness of hand.

A basic model could provide just the hover, contact, and X,Y data needed for writing and signing. More sophisticated models can add contact pressure and even three independent rotational angles useful for artistic drawing and sketching..

The invention is used on a printed surface, typically adhesive stickers for application next to the touchpad of a laptop, or wherever the customer likes. The stickers are thin enough to allow normal laptop closure. Even a Microsoft Surface could be upgraded for more comfortable use.

The patent was cited over a dozen times by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Livescribe, and others. So far as I am aware, the technology is sufficiently different (optical vs capacitive) for there to be no infringement problems. The patent’s term was extended by 1026 days. The offer includes related, unpublished technology yet to mature into additional patent(s).

The inventor's closely-held PerfectNotes Corporation was planning to someday manufacture this stylus to complement a niche software product. The patent will remain idle for several more years if this plan is followed. Current market conditions and the technology's broad appeal suggest that a larger company should act on it now.

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