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Picking instrument for picking a string

[Category : - Food- Jewellery- Music]
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Guitar pick that clip on the guitar string, tuning pegs, shoulder strap, shirt buttons, ear rings, necklace, bread bags, and so first application design was a bread bag clip, used as a dual purpose device; once for the bread and after repurposed as a guitar pick... A stamp type would be first run, and a more elaborate grip action with a mold injection run. The outside diameter could be a triangle and the inside hole can be anything as well. Basically there is no limitations to just a bread bag clip/pick...this was my first dream of having people make use and give a second life To all those thrown out un-recycled bread other aspect is label with a bit of temp stick glue and a nutritional list label or business card .Kids will go crazy collecting them...much thanks Mark Bosley

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