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Pillow Scarf and Method of Covering Pillows on a Bed

[Category : - OTHER- Advertising methods- Furnitures]
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A scarf hides the upper portion of a made bed from view. The scarf includes a portion of material having a length and a width, opposite first and second ends and opposite top and bottom edges. The length of the scarf is sufficient to cover pillows placed on a made bed of standard size, with the opposite first and second ends reaching opposite first and second edges of the bed. The width of the scarf is sufficient so that its top edge hides the top edge of a pillow on the made bed, and the bottom edge hides the bottom edge of the pillow on the made bed. The scarf may be used to cover up the top edge of a bed sheet, blanket or bedspread on a made bed so as to hide said top edge of the bed sheet, blanket or bedspread.
Low cost to design and manufacture. Prime placement to display a Hotels Logo for branding. Easy to use and very effective when used. Effectively covers sleeping pillows that may not match the comforter/spread. Gives a clean backdrop for Pillow Shams or when using decorative pillows. Can design complimentary Pillow Scarves that would allow the changing of the look of the Bedding. Fun designs to simple contemporary designs. Holiday, Ethnic, Collegial. Special Interest like soccer and other sport designs. Collectable. Additional features can be designed into the Pillow Scarf to give it additional uses. Wall Hangings to Valances. Many more ideas to contribute. Hold 2 utility patents on the Pillow Scarf. One incorporates the Hotel Industry use.

Financial information

The Pillow Scarf has been introduced to others to understand that there is a great interest in the product. Products designed for Hotels to help with branding and with designs that would be sold in gift shops, store or online. Patterns for others to design their own and more.
I am looking for those interested in licensing the patents in return for a royalty. The sale of the patents may be considered however due to the broad range of uses the sale would need to be serious.
Pictures are only a few samples of designs that can be created and a Pillow Scarf in use.

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