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Automatic mechanical lock without bowler

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I introduce myself , I am Angel Alfredo , Mechanical Engineer .

Turn to you . To introduce them to a new system of mechanical lock , without bowler , and fully automated .

3D design made by mechanical design software .

• Fully mechanical system .

• Automated Mechanism.

• Lock without bowler .

• Do not have access to the key readers .

• Readers are housed at a distance of 17 mm from the tap.
Readers are driven by the correct key through a 90 degree turn .

• Unlocking and exit readers are not allowed if not the correct key .

• If we do not introduce the right key the system is locked.

• The system is reset to enter the correct key.

• The system will automatically reset or load when opening and closing the door.

• You can choose the number of readers , from 1 to x .

• Countless combinations , depending on the number of readers and depth.

• The lock is activated automatically when the door closes , it is being blocked .

• The lock is automatically reset when opening and closing the door.

• The door opens from the inside pressing a button .

• The lock can be divided into two parts:
- Opening system .
- Anchoring system .

If you are interested in the subject, I hear any kind of proposal , and expanding control information pack information images (up to where I can show ) .

Not let me upload photos .

Dossier with photos for us by email

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