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Low Resistance Grounding & Testing

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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Income generating with documentation to prove it.
The invention is directed towards a device and related methods for deep earth grounding. Positioning a power driver at a site, the power driver comprising a frame and an impact hammer operatively connected to the frame, adjusting placement of the impact hammer, driving a ground rod down into the ground at the site using the impact hammer;testing resistance and determining if an additional ground rod is necessary based on the resistance. The method of claim I wherein the step of adjusting the placement of the impact hammer compromises moving the impact hammer horizontally along a rail. The method of claim I wherein the step of determining if the resistance is greater than about 3ohms, if resistance is greater than 3 ohms, determining that the additional ground rod is necessary. The method of claim I wherein the frame provides open front access and the method further compromising moving the power and driving away from site while a portion of the grounding rod extends above ground

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