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Ball mark repair implement

[Category : - Golf]
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An implement for repairing ball marks on golf greens, the implement having a grasping portion at a proximal end and at least one prong at a distal end with a ramp-like profile ending in a transversely oriented abutment in a mediate region. The abutment provides a surface against which an index finger of a user can rest to apply increased pressure to insert the implement into a golf green. The method of using the implement includes inserting the implement adjacent the ball mark and moving turf laterally. In those instances where insertion of the ramp-like prong or prongs is insufficient to repair the damage of the ball mark, the method further includes rocking the implement about the distal end to move the turf laterally.
Rated # 1 in the golf industry by Ms. State U 6 week field study; proving up to 50% faster healing of the greens surface compared to all divot tools in the study. See for detailed stats.

Financial information

Additional patent D695,864 S was issued 12/17/2013 covering our single prong Divotool. Trademark is registered with the patents.
Warfield Industries is open for sale or royalty.
Sales through distributors since 2005.
Both the metal and plastic Divotools are made in the USA.
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