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Personal dryer

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- Fitness- Swimming]
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A personal dryer capable of expelling temperatured air uniformly throughout the dryer and/or different temperatured air at different regions of the dryer, so as to provide a user with the option of drying their entire body with a more desirable uniformly temperatured air and/or drying different bodily regions with different or varied, user-selectable temperatured air, and wherein such a personal dryer is capable of being pre-programmed to enable a user to dry his/her body in a user-specified regimen or manner. This dryer can be used in so many environments, ie; Hospitals, Aquatic Centers, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Gyms, Military Bases and the list goes on. Eliminating the need to wash and dry towels saves water and electricity. Not to mention the health benefits. Most people use the same towel several days in a row and what they don't see is the dead skin that was wiped off their body, then they let it air dry which causes mold spores due to the moisture. The air dispensed goes through a UV light to destroy any airborne bacteria. The functionality of this dryer will help mentally as well. As it is used in Nursing Homes, Hospitals and even Residential homes where someone is handi-capped. It will provide them a few moments of dignity and accomplishment for some to be able to dry themselves with a push of a button or voice control can be added. I can go on and on because I am excited about all its possibilities.

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