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Bi-lingual Spanish to English ruler and tape measure

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Home Depot has shown interest in this product.An English to any language ruler and tape measure.The English to Spanish version of the ruler and tape measure has sold in local stores for the benefit of all to easily learn the translation of fractions ,centimeters,and numbers to 100. Also the tape measure for all construction fields translates fractions and centimeters also.I have been a contractor for 30 years and the problem with many hispanic workers is that they do not understand fractions on the tape measure to finish work in the time appropriate for the work they are doing.When I made prototypes of this bilingual tape measure and my men used them ,the finish time was improved greatly,and waste of materials were at the correct amounts. This ruler and tape measure are patented for all languages to English, Both items are under one patent,but they can be divided if need be.

Financial information

We would be open to any proper offer of license,outright sale or partnership. We feel this item is a hit and hope to attract someone with keen fore site.If a partnership money will go to production and advertising. Home Depo has shown interest. [Use the button below to contact me]

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