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It's basically a sediment mixture separator used to dredge sediment from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, lagoons, tanks, dykes, reservoirs and seashore. It can also be used at industry equipment to thicken mixtures without flocculants or chemicals. The sediment densification method which utilizes the submersible densification cell , resulting in an increase of 1.5 to 3 times (by weight) in the concentration of the dredged sediment, reducing the removed volume and consecutively the area necessary for deposition, and, as a result, accelerating the open-air drying process of the dredged sediment. There are no recirculating of water, The thickened sediment only goes to the drying place . Remove sediment at a flat mining at any profundity tested till 20 meters. If the sediment are contaminated we can put in raffia bags to dry faster. The prototype can be see bellow. It can produce 15 to 40 cubic meters per hour with exhaust pipe of 5" diameter . There are no resuspension during the operation.

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