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Elimination of blink-related closed eyes in portrait photography

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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A common problem in group photography is that one or more people are blinking at the moment a digital camera caputures the image. Even if several pictures are taken in quick succession, there is still a high probability that subjects are blinking in every captures image.
This invention solves the problem:
1) The camera is configured to capture two or more images in quick succession.
2) The image processing unit of the camera identifies regions of difference between the captured images that indicate that eyes are partially or fully closed in one of the two images
3) the image processing unit of the camera constructs a single composite image from the two original images, in which all eyes are open for all subjects in the image.

This technique produces consistently superior results compared to every other technique currently patented or currently on the market.

Financial information

I am looking for a buyer to purchase this patent. The target market is digital camera and cell phone manufacturers, as this invention enables a valuable feature for group portrait photography..

The invention is not currently in use, but has been demonstrated to work. Please see the web site for further information.

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