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Automatic folding cover and stand for tablet computing-FlipSteady

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An articulated panel that provides both a cover and a support structure for an object, such as a slate computing device, is disclosed. The articulated panel may be converted from a flat position to a folding position that may serve as a support structure. The support structure may be fluidly adjusted into many different standing positions; both portrait and landscape. When the articulated panel is in the folded position, the supported object is sturdy in all provided positions. Two pyramid-based structures and an internal joint at a junction therebetween make this possible. An inversion pulled into one of these pyramid structures by a tether provides both automatic folding as well as additional stability in the support structure.

I suggest watching a video demonstration, on the website where I sell products based on this invention. I call my product the FlipSteady.


I teach people how to masterfully, hand make, the products that I design, based off of my invention. Right now, I have products designed for a number of current computer tablets, including:

iPad Pro
iPad Air & iPad Air 2
iPad mini
Wacom Cintiq Companion
Wacom Cintiq Hybrid
Wacom Cintiq Companion2
Wacom 13HD

I also have a number of retired products for these tablets.

iPad 2
Asus EP121
Google Nexus 7
Samsung Ativ 700T
Lenovo Helix (1st Generation)

I ran a successful KickStarter project in 2012. See here.


People love my invention and product because it makes standing a tablet computer so many ways, easy and reliable. Open the cover and set the tablet down in any position you would like.

That said, my invention has further implications that extend into many industries including robotics, pop up displays, electronics, architecture, engineering and a number of other areas. The invention, is essentially, a fundamental and new kind of hinge that could be used for a gift card, candy box, car door or a draw bridge.

You can read product reviews from my Fan following at my Facebook page.


Isaiah Coberly
NewPencil Inc.

Financial information

I am open to a number of directions for this invention. Perhaps you will make an offer or suggest how you can help the invention going forward, to become widely adopted.

I currently manufacture the only products in the world that make use my Patent.

The market potential for my product is huge. My product has been validated by all of the largest manufacturers of computer case goods.

My Product has been very close to having licensing deals with large, brand name companies that have global reach, but all efforts to license my product ultimately failed for one reason or another.

Given how far my invention has lead to serious negotiations about licensing, with companies like Belkin and Targus, I'm reasonably certain that a licensing deal could be made, if some of these companies were approached again.

I was also approached by ABC's The Shark Tank casting department in 2015. The casting department had seen my product and let me know I was a shoe in for a spot on the show. I evaluated the show and determined that I wasn't interested.

I continue to take orders for my premium FlipSteady computer cases on a daily basis and manufacture the cases from my studio in Tacoma WA.

I also have a design patent to go along with the Utility patent.

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