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Domestic freezer also work as air-condition with same energy

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International (PCT) Patent Application No: PCT/GB2015/052355
Title: “A refrigerating air conditioning unit”

Many prototype companies appreciate my idea and they say it is simple and feasible, but very few don't understand it, they say the idea is already know, they create ice at night when the electricity is cheap, but tomorrow at 11:.00 the ice will vanish, but in this new invention the ice will never vanish, because when the ice starts to milt, it is recycled by pump to the freezer to form ice again, and after the ice is formed, it will slide down automatically from the freezer, the freezer is a strong template turn upside down, it is only open from under, every time the solid ice is formed it slides down, and we have to leave part of the sliding ice covering the freezer from under, so when we fill the freezer with water,the ice prevent water from running, that why we can extend the ice to one meter and half, or more, when we have long block of ice, the fan will start to blow the air from the middle of the block ice, at first the air will pass outside the ice, then goes inside the ice, so the air will be exposed to the ice for 3 meters, one meter and half outside of the block of the ice, then the air will pass in a tunnel of ice one and half, so the are three meters . the idea can be integrated with domestic freezer, but in this case the air will pass only inside the tunnel of the block ice.
Air Conditioning Units around the world are very inefficient. They
require large amounts of energy to keep a space cool, making them expensive to use and a luxury to buy.
Using a column of ice The Multi-Economical Air Conditioner could offer increased efficiency using cooling technology principles usually only seen in large commercial buildings. This effectively creates a ʻstorage coolerʼ that requires minimal power to cool a room.
• Potentially reduced operational power requirements when compared
to conventional Air Conditioning Units.
• Fully automated functionality.
• Low volume fans for quiet operation.
• Slimline form factor allowing for discreet installation.

The the description of the 4 points in pictures 2&3
are not clear, that why I put them right here so you can read them easily.
1. Warm Air is drawn into the unit
where it closely passes around the
outside of the Ice Block beginning
the cooling process.
2. The cooling air now passes up the
inside of the Ice Block where it is
blown out into the room.
3. As the ice melts it drains into
a Water Collector Base. It is then
pumped to the top of the unit where
it either fills the Reservoir before
refreezing or is sprayed as a mist
onto the side of the Ice Block to
maintain the shape.
4. The product uses a standard
refrigeration coolant system to freeze
the ice. The Evaporator Coils are in
the base of the unit allowing excess
heat to be removed from the system.

Financial information

The market is huge especially in hot countries, every room, shop, school, office etc, will demand A Refrigerating air conditioning unit, because it save 70% of electric, it uses the same energy is used by domestic freezer. Seller is interested in outright sale or licensing

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