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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- CONSTRUCTION HOME IMPROVEMENT- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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Hottiest topic to-day ....the most simple smart thermo controller
A simple device and accessories attached to existing thermostat so that the temperature setting is programmed to an efficient temperature (say 70 degree F ) hence effect energy saving and reduce carbon emmission in central air conditioning system. But a magic key is provided only for supervisory level manager so that he is the authorized person who could programme temperature setting conveniently at all times.
Also patent certificate in China (20152083321 47)obtained. Australia patent 2016100309 obtained.
Also filing proceeded in U.S.A.

This is greatly helpful to save the earth, to be green and smart users in using earth energy.

Conserve energy now and preserve for tomorrow.
Reduce green house gases emission.

Very practical, effective,useful and low production cost.
This is also the best method to change human habits not to waste energy.

Financial information

Save energy, save electric bill. Easy installation in 2 minutes. Cheap costing. Best solution to save large amount of energy in mordern cities. (overall electric consumption is 45-50% of total energy is used in HVAC in big cities)

Production cost below US$1.00
Already become products. large stock in hand. .This device can be easily commercialized. Good for schools, hospitals, offices, markets.....etc.

Already sold and installed at many schools.
Lab test report is positive.

Good potential for enviromental procurement.
For vedio demo :- Link

I request interested parties either Patent and product buy/ co-operation.
Thank you all.

Your proposal for any possibility is welcome

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