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SparkFree JumperCables HUGE Market Safest Product in its Industry!

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Our Spark Free Jumper Cables is the only cables with a unique design to prevent the clamps from sparking when connected to a live car battery.

It solves the biggest problem when jump starting your vehicle; the rule of thumb is to never let the clamps touch each other when your jumping a vehicle. With our cables, it eliminates the most dangerous process.

How it works: All jumper cables clamps in the world have exposed copper teeth and when the copper touches it conducts electricity which can be very harmful to yourself and damage your vehicle's electrical system.

The benefit of or product is that it's much safer and easier to use than any other product in the market. It's great for people with little or no experience in jump starting vehicles. Especially women and young drivers!

Financial information

I am currently looking for an outright sale or a license for royalties.

The market potential is HUGE. You cannot go a few miles in any direction in any city without finding jumper cables. They're in every gas station, major retailer, automotive store and some convenience stores such as 7 Eleven etc.

There are over 200,000 locations alone in the U.S. were jumper cables are sold. and even more in the European Union which a buyer can benefit since we filed for a PCT Patent.

With a good buyer with enough capital to push this product to market, the gross sales of the product can reach up to 20M in yearly revenue. That can be reached if you secure one major retailer such as Napa Auto, Auto Zone (4500-5000) location etc... and 2-3 smaller retailers (200-2500) locations.... With 7500 locations this 20M yearly projection can be reached and keep in mind there are dozens of major retailers some with even more locations like Wal-Mart, Home Depot etc... This figure can be much more if you add more products to the Spark-Free line. Ex: these figures are based on the most popular cables "Medium Duty, 6 Gauge, 16 Ft. Cables" but there are many different gauges and cables lenght like 1 to10 gauges and 8ft t0 25ft.

I have a website I launched with no marketing. I cannot market the website due to current employment situation and also no inventory. You can visit the website at Link

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