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Ecologic High Pressure Washer

[Category : - Boating- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Cleaning devices]
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The new pressure washer described is characterized by the fact to reuse the contaminated water produced during the washing processes after they have been treated, with any of the known water treatment processes.
The provided system can create a closed circuit where the same waters are always reused for cleaning after having been suitably separated from the contaminants or can give rise to a high pressure washing system that provides used water, suitably treated, to be utilized for different purposes.
An ecological pressure washer that will work both in manual or in a completely automatic mode as equipped with level control systems (float switches) within the various tanks possibly predisposed in addition to electronic systems of the various control functions.
An ecological pressure washer that can automatically or manually collect rain water for industrial yards, to carry out the necessary treatment required by current regulations, store part or their totality for washing surfaces and / or different uses.
A pressure washer equipped with an electronic control unit and contaminant detection devices in order to make possible the automatic and continuous control of the contaminants present in the treated water always ensuring that the percentages of contaminants in treated water comply with the maximum levels recommended in the environmental standards regulation. Such inspections may be made "on-site" in either manual or automatic mode , or "remotely" through the aid of tools for communication via the Internet or mobile phone network.
A pressure washer that can be used where an industrial floor with grids and collection wells is not available through the use of parts in the shape of collection tank wheeled or fixed equipped with inclined planes in the direction of the collection grids and wells equipped with lifting pump for sending the wastewaters to the pressure washer.
The benefits arising from the use of these new high pressure washers are considerable both for the user and for the environment since, with this new system, the user get a significant savings in water usage and a considerable saving in the disposal of polluted waters. In fact it will proceed exclusively to the disposal of sludge coming from the treatment of waters and do not dispose of all the water used for washing.

Financial information

The market potential for this product is very high as it can be use in many different markets and countries.
The environmental devices are very much required on the market.
Here we don't sell just a patent, we sell a patent and a product already under production with a really very high potential also in margin. We don't have the potential to expand this product worlwide therefore we are looking to sell it.

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