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Method for training players and sportsmen

[Category : - Football]
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The invention relates to methods for training players and sportsmen. The technical result is an increase in the effectiveness of training. The method for training players and sportsmen with a piece of sports equipment on a pitch includes carrying out the training on a pitch that is provided with controllable dynamic lighting. The dynamic lighting is used to establish permitted zones in which the athlete is to located holding the piece of sports equipment. Further, the position, shape and area of the permitted zones are altered at random for the sportsman. The development of the player’s skills and the effectiveness of training is evaluated by the athlete’s skill to stay within the permitted zones, holding the implement.
The method provides for the multiple-option simulation of the complicated play situations to achieve high efficiency of training sessions.
The method can be used for training teams of various proficiency profile. The method is designed for team sports such as football, hockey, handball, rugby, basketball, etc.

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