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[Category : - Boating- Biking- Navigation and orientation]
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It consists of a ship very similiar to a kayak, but with lateral supports that give stability to it. It has a pedal system that transmits the work to an helix by gears and an axis.The connection pedal turn- helix turn can be configured out to make adaptation of the required effort depending on the pilot's featurings, and that's the reason why it may have an application in the sporty-competitive area. Moreover, at the same time that the pilot moves the pedals it is possible to paddle with a rowing, so both works come together and it's possible to reach higher speeds than with ships only moved by human forces.

It could be a possibility to develop ships with more than one place (two, three pilots) if it gets into the competitive sports area, because each place could bring both pedal and paddle work at the same time.

It has an effective water evacuating system based in the `Ventury Effect´.

The work of pedals means an added speed and the resistence of the rowings inside the water will be lower as long as the speed is rising, so it would be possible to increase the resistence by increasing the rowling's surface;
because of that the pedal and paddle systems will always be adaptable to every pilot's featurings.

I think that it can generate a new and very thorough sport mode, by exercising at the same time the upper and lower parts of our bodies. To view product video visit: Link

Financial information

I am interested in selling part or all of the exploitation of the patent. Such a product is protected in the US, EU, Canada and the Russian Federation. The exclusivity period expires in May 2033.
The product name is registered and the specific paddle design work necessary to exercise the arms are alike.
We all molds ready to start producing, either at the factory in Santa Pola, Alicante, Spain, where we have headquarters or where decide who buy the patent.
Because the product is very innovative and brings a new concept of sport has enormous potential to penetrate the market for recreational, athletic and competitive use. The versatility regarding shaping the development of gears, as well as being able to expand the area of ​​the blades to increase resistance is lost by providing speed by pedaling open a world of possibilities for use in sports - competitive.

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