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performance improvement in axial piston pump

[Category : - Pumps]
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I am Sundar living in Chennai,Tamil Nadu from India. I would like to share my innovative idea to a company which know the value of product development. I have done some project during my PG studies in which i had modified the design of the axial piston pump to achieve a better performance by all ways in its class. Its modified design delivers high flow rate(two times more than existing pump) and its delivery time gap between consecutive pistons is also been reduced compared to the existing axial piston pump. In the existing nine piston pump, piston starts its discharge/suction strokes at every 40 degree rotation of barrel, but in my modified design the piston starts its discharge/suction at every 20 degree rotation of barrel.I have got patent rights for this invention. I would like to commercialise my product through your company.If you have interest on my patent please contact me,i am ready to explain about my patent. rnrnrnADVANTAGES:rnrn The modified pump produce two times more flow rate than the existing pump.rnrn Sorn *Operation time can be reduced.rnrn *suction/discharge time gap is reduced.rnrn *Maintenance will be reduced due to it less operation time.rnrn *Large volume pump are not required due to more flow ratern of modified pump.rnrn *It occupies less area.rnrnrn

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