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Flexstic. Adjustable Muscle Stretching Device

[Category : - Golf- Fitness- Baseball]
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An Adjustable Muscle Stretching device that can be used by anyone with a wingspan from 4' - 8'. Approx age 8 on up. Great for all sporting activities. Golf, Baseball/Softball, Hockey, Fitness, Weight Training. Increase Circulation. Great for seniors to gain flexibility. Good for rehab. Easy to use, Takes a few minutes a day and you will increase your range of motion/flexibility. Stretch and gain strength in muscles you haven't used before thru Stretching and Resistance at the same time with one device. Low manufacture cost.
Please go to Link then click link to amazon for more info and pictures or email [Use the button below to contact me].
Flexstic trademark included.

Financial information

Looking to sell or consider licensing possibilities.
See on Amazon.
Market Potential;
25 million people play golf in the U.S.
30,000 golf pro shops in the U.S..
17.5 million play softball/baseball
500,000 play hockey.
54 million have gym memberships.
Flexstic is a Registered Tradmark.

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