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3D Magnified Screen Cover Protector For Electronic Devices

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - Audio - Video]
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The invention is a 3D magnified screen cover protector that is whole transparent and adheres to or is placed on top of the screen of a personal electronic device. The advantages of the invention include, without limitation, the ability to view the screen of an electronic device such as/but not limited to smartphones, smart watches, tablet computer and laptop computers without the need to physically wear corrective eyewear to see the text, objects, or video up close while also being able to use tire full functionality and sensitivity of the electronic device's touch screen surface as an input device without limitations. The 3D magnified screen cover protector would project the images from the screen outward to the viewers field of view in three dimension without the use of exterior wearable devices or specialty software to create the 3D projection. Additionally, the magnified screen, cover protector would protect the electronic devices screen from cracks, scratches, debris and breakage.

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