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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A new technology for the manufacture of building elements that can be used for achieving of passive, earthquakes-resistant and fire-resistant (does not maintain burning) buildings, with a low thermal conductivity (λ: 0.056 W/mK), with embedded structure of resistance, which can be used also as load-bearing enclosure elements for buildings with any type of structure (concrete, metal, etc.).
New and innovative aspects
Building elements:
- are manufactured of composites made from biomass;rn
- can have any size: from brick-type elements to panel-type elements;
- are 100% ecological and 100% recyclable after use;
- can be reinforced with any kind of reinforcement, such as metal, wood splinters, fibre glass, carbon fibre, bamboo, plastics etc., or, as appropriate, they can be used without reinforcement;
- can be coloured in the structure in a variety of colours;
- can mimic stone, marble, granite, etc.;
- can be carved by hand or mechanically, or imprinted with various patterns;

Construction systems:
These systems do not use mortar for jointing building elements in the structure. The latter are being glued in between with a special binder, achieved by the same inventor.

By using the new designed construction systems, there can be built buildings that are closed on all six sides, like a monolithic cube, resistant to earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

A building made according to the new construction systems is easy to maintain both in terms of building structure and in terms of energy consumption (it is thermal-insulating: U-value = 0.013 W/m2K; λ= 0.056 W/mK).

Buildings up to 100 sq.m can be assembled on the manufacturing lines. They are easy to transport from factory to beneficiary. Bigger size buildings (over 100 sq.m) can be built directly on beneficiary's site, without losses, with a small number of workers (11 workers), in a short time; e.g. a building of 150 sq.m can be completed, including its finishing, in 15 working days, without any loss of materials. The building does not affect the environment in any way.

Main advantages in using this technology
- By means of this technology it is easy to build, without loss of materials.rn- It requires little labour force.
- The resulting building is a monolith closed on all its six sides, like a container or a box, without jointing elements, but only molecular cold gluing.
- A building made according to this technology is ecological, thermal-insulating, sound-absorbing, fire-resistant, earthquake resistant, tornado resistant and recyclable after use. It requires low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. It may be dismantled without creating damages to the environment or the ground it was placed on. It may be moved very easily to another location, without any kind of loss.

- Manufacturing price of a square meter of such a building is at least three times lower than any building made according to other construction systems.

▪ Density ranging between 200 kg/m3 and 1,200 kg/m3;
▪ Compressive strength, without reinforcement: 50 - 123.8 N/mm2;
▪ Bending strength, without reinforcement: 5 - 9.10 N/mm2;
▪ Mechanical shock resistance, without reinforcement: 660 daN/cm;
▪ Coefficient of thermal conductivity(λ): 0.043 - 0.056 W/mK;
▪ U-value: 0.013 W/m2K;
▪ Soundproofing: 95 130 db;
▪ Hygroscopicity: 0.25% after 24 h; 1.45% after 7 days; 1.55% after 12 days;
▪ Fire-resistance: it does not support combustion; in case of fire, it does not emanate smoke or gases;
▪ Insect and rodent resistant;

Applications: Construction industry

Intellectual property status: Patents granted

Current development status:
- prototypes of the building elements;
- two buildings made with these building elements, handed over to beneficiaries.

For further details I can be contacted via e-mail at the address [Use the button below to contact me], or at phone number +40(0)758.801.488.

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