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Armed Transparent Intruder Barrier for Australia

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The Invention
My invention, Armed Bars, (transparent burglar bars with an integrated alarm sensor) has a unique ability to protect the home owner, with a physical strong transparent barrier (made from polycarbonate) and a 24/7 active burglar alarm system.

This invention is unique in that two different security technologies, namely a burglar alarm system and transparent physical barrier, have been ingeniously combined. The weaknesses of each technology are considerably strengthened by the combination of the two.

This Armed Bars allows the home owner, for the first time ever, to have the opportunity to fully utilise their burglar alarm system by having a permanent perimeter protection while he/she is moving around in his/her home or office. No more false alarms caused by accidental human errors, plants, insects, animals, etc.

The simplicity of the Smart Bar design makes it the ultimate burglar alarm sensors ever developed.

The following needs have been identified in the security industry that has led to the development of the Armed Bar:
• A reliable burglar alarm sensor that will not trigger accidental false alarms;
• A permanent burglar alarm protection, even when the premises are occupied;
• Burglar Alarm protection available in areas where it was not previously possible e.g. bathrooms, occupied bedrooms, etc.
• A physical strong security barrier;
• An aesthetically pleasing security barrier.

This patented Armed Bar technology has also opened the door to more exciting added products for the security industry. Some of these products are the ClearTrellis (transparent retractable security gate), Hotlock (fire escape), PolyRod (transparent burglar bars for low cost housing), AluRail (stronger fixing and more aesthetical pleasing look) and more designs are on the drawing board.

How does this unique invention work?
The Armed Bar has a specially designed wire that has been forced into the sides of the transparent burglar bar and can be connected to any burglar alarm system. This thin wire is corrosion-proof and is not visible when looking through your window and the clear window guards.

The in-series connection of the wires in the transparent burglar bars receives an electrical pulse from the burglar alarm board and the resistors protect the burglar bars if the electrical pulse is bypassed or bridged.

The specially designed wires are connected inside an AluRail or a custom Armed Bar box that is connected separately to the window frame. Should the Armed Bars be cut, kicked out or tampered with in an attempted burglary, the thin wire will break and activate the burglar alarm.

Problem Statement
Security products are developed to cater for the individual wishing to purchase time to activate their personal security plan so as to protect both themselves and their family. Traditionally, to be able to move around in your house or office, you are forced to deactivate your burglar alarm system. Your panic button would then be your only defence against an intruder. Often, with insufficient warning time, this threatens both you and your household’s safety by making you vulnerable and allows you to easily be over-powered by an intruder.

Traditional metal security barriers were developed to obstruct or prevent entry by any intruder to a property. These barriers are manufactured from metal bars and were criticist due to the prison appearance it furnished the property and the trapped feeling from the inside. Large numbers of companies compete in this market sector and we see fierce competition between these companies.
These metal bars are rust and corrosion sensitive, which leads to high maintenance costs to repair and in turn, gives a degrading look to the property.

Cheaper versions entered the metal security barrier industry that weakens the structural design and the aesthetical value of these products.

Some companies have identified the opportunity to develop visually pleasing metal products, to cater for the aesthetical sensitive customers in the high end market. These products are expensive and still supply a “third world” prison feel and look to the property.

Transparent burglar bars (polycarbonate) provide a strong physical security barrier without negatively influence the properties valuable aesthetical look and feel.

Financial information

Transparent burglar bars have been used in South Africa for the last 10 years and have recently expanded to be one of the fastest growing physical security barrier products in South Africa. This is due to the negative perception associated with “plastic” burglar bars in the past and after improving the “plastic” bars with our patented Armed Bars, we received an immediate interest from security companies (e.g. ADT, Chubb, etc.) joining us to have a product that supplies their customers with a 24/7 active alarm protection, and with no accidental false alarms.

The South African transparent barrier market (polycarbonate) has an annual revenue of +-$5 million (USD). This was after nearly doubling the revenue in the last 2 years and we expect faster growth, especially after leading physical barrier companies in South Africa joined the industry.

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