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Dehydration level testing device

[Category : - HEALTH- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Football]
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My device was invented out of a necessity when my son was playing t-ball and was involved in a Dehydration incident . The outcome was fortunately good. Everyday
10,000's students, athletes, Hospital patients and Job-site workers are involved with some degree of Dehydration that can unfortunately be life threatening. Until now there isn't an inexpensive, quick, multi-use device then can check the user urine dehydration level.
My device is an easy and a inexpensive way to do just this.
The devise is installed onto the urinal with a suction cup.
When the user urinates onto the device it will hold the urine for an average of 12 seconds in several clear tubes that will allow the user to compare their urine color to the attached color chart and give real time results. The user will need to take appropriate actions to prevent dehydration. The unit will simply self drain in seconds so when the user flushes the urinal it will fill the clear tubes with clean water and self drain again and will be ready for the next user.
This device has no moving part's, batteries, electronics or wires attached.
The device will check everyone's urine every time in case they are showing no signs of dehydration yet.
I have attached a picture of my device on the bottom of this site.
I'm hoping to see this device installed one day in every school, universities, and job sites with extreme heat work environments

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