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Prevents Most Hip Fractures Due to Falls and It Calls for Help

[Category : - HEALTH- Fitness]
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A method and device for protecting a hip bone or limiting a severity of a hip bone injury, which includes at least one pad arranged to protect the hip bone, and a wearable garment to hold the at least one pad with respect to the hip bone, the garment configured to be worn over clothing, the pad configured to wrap around an area of the hip bone in a circumferential manner, the garment including two fastening panels, each configured to face and overlap with the other fastening panel, and fastenable together in a rotatable manner around an axis perpendicular to a fastening plane, a length of the two fastening panels configured to provide a one size fits essentially all wearers.rnrnrn

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After spending 4 years in negotiations with US and foreign companies on licensing my US Patent
# 7,941,876 (for the prevention of hip fracture and automatic, electronic call for help), I would now prefer to sell it outright. It is the best in design, both technically and in practical applicability, of the patented and unpatented such items AND there are ca. 400,000 hip fractures/year in the USA alone.

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