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Foot actuated toilet seat lifting and self-lowering mechanism

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom]
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A foot actuated toilet seat or seat/lid lifting and self-lowering mechanism (100) designed specifically for the purpose of preventing exposure of a user to bacteria commonly related with toilets in both homes and public restrooms. It is designed to be universally adaptable to virtually all toilets and will not require any modifications to install. A cheap and versatile way to insure minimum contact with a toilet while preventing the seat from being soiled or accidently left up.

Financial information

I am a business owner and simply do not have the time necessary right now to follow up with my invention as far as getting it out there to market.
I wish to sell my Utility Patent outright with all rights and full ownership.
I wish to recover the majority of the financial investment I have placed into this design, but I will consider any and all serious offers within reason. I will also consider a 50% sale of said Utility Patent for a serious partner who has the resources to get this design to market.
I have put considerable time into researching this field and there is a serious need for a product such as this. This design addresses a very real problem and provides a means of resolving various needs at so many levels while being the only product of it's kind to meet minimum child safety standards. Furthermore, the simplicity of this design makes it impossible for anyone to contend with when trying to redesign or "build the better mouse-trap" so to speak.
Every household in the world that has both males and females in it can be sure to enjoy the function of this product. After having done a 10,000 person survey EVERY single person said they would buy this product today if it were on the shelf.
It is designed to be manufactured for around $2 - $7 per unit, with a wholesale price approximately $15 and retail price of approximately $30.

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