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SK8HOOK/Get Snowboard action on a skateboard

[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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A Pair of custom designed hooks ( brackets) that screw into the skateboard through the existing truck assembly( no drilling) giving the user snowboard action on a skate board. These hooks are just plain FUN!!! They give a beginner instant success jumping with the skateboard, riding a rail or doing aerial rotations 180's or 360' using contact pressure with the outside of the foot. So easy to use Check it out on Youtube:"SK8HOOK at Surf Expo" or our Facebook page. There is nothing out there to compare it to. Get a corner on the market today.
There is a larger version of the same product for freestyle snowboarding. Have working prototype, single cavity mold. and trademark on the name. The hook is all rubber, and it works!!!!

Financial information

looking to license or sell majority interest I would sell outright for the right price
From a manufacturing standpoint with a 12 cavity mold, cost of materials, labor, artwork printing , clamshell, packaging 1 package of a pair of hooks can be made for under $2.00. I Sold a number of these prototypes at the 2015 Chicago Toy and Game Fair for $20 a package. just doing a demonstration of the product at my booth.. Suggested retail is $10 to $15
This cost does not include product liability insurance which runs $10-15K a year for a 1 M policy. The 12 cavity mold is a 1 time expense of $12,000 and an advertising budget. The name SK8HOOK is also trademarked which would be included in the sale

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