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C S-100- Diamond abrasive sharpening system

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You name it we sharpen or hone it.Anything a steel rod sharpener or stone can do and more.This system is compact and simple to use.Surely an innovation to sharpening,and honing. It is the only cigar clipper sharpener in the world . It also sharpens fish hooks,scissors,nail clippers,beard and eyebrow snips,vegetable and potato peelers,cheese cutters,even the little holes in a cheese grater, and with the easy slide on safety handle it sharpens any style or size knife,even serrated knives.It even hones razor utility knife blades and aluminum capping shears as well as a chainsaw chain .As a contractor I keep the sharpening steel in my pouch to quickly hone my razors,and they get maximum usage. There are no designated sharpeners on the market to sharpen a cigar clipper.The patented slender angle pin and guide plate allows you to sharpen the steep degree angle of the blade.The many cigar smokers in the world that have a drawer somewhere that has a build up of dull clippers,or they throw them out to buy a new one, whether it is a guillotine style,a scissor style,a callibri style or a hole punch. The C S-100 will sharpen all clippers.It doesn't matter if the clipper is inexpensive or expensive because most cigar smokers have their favorite they like to maintain. We have also patented a clipper that can change blades. . These items are patented. Pictures are available.The patent can be divided of the 2 items.

Financial information

We would be open to any decent proposal of license,sale or partnership. We feel our item is a sure hit and hope to attract someone with keen fore site. if partnership money will go to production and advertising. One of the largest knife making companies in the world has shown [Use the button below to contact me]

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