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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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A narrow strip for use in conjunction with a computing device which enables touch sensitive edge functionality in response to fingers in contact with the strip. The edge strip allows a user to control aspects of the computing device by using various touches and gestures without occluding the face of the computing device.

When mounted on the edge of a device, a touch sensitive strip can overcome many of the inherent touchscreen shortcomings and provide a better interaction experience than a touchscreen alone. Most significantly, it allows the user to interact with a touch device without obscuring onscreen content. Content can be easily moved, scaled, and dismissed by using the touch strip with no interaction on the touchscreen needed.

In a typical embodiment, edge touches can be combined to create far more intuitive gestures than a touchscreen alone. These gestures can be customized and assigned to various functions by the user. A custom unlock gesture can be more secure than a PIN and leaves no telltale fingerprint nor swipe trail behind. Edge gestures can provide advanced controls for gaming and other applications which are hamstrung by touchscreen limitations.

In another embodiment, edge gestures can be independent of onscreen content. Two double-taps on the top can snap a photo even if in a call. A bottom slide can switch between open applications.

In another embodiment, a device equipped with a touch sensitive edge need not have physical buttons. A “tickle” on the bottom edge can wake it. Rolling a finger over a top corner can adjust volume. Pinching a bottom corner can turn the device off.

In this embodiment, a button free device can also be activated regardless of its orientation. When coupled with wireless charging and wireless data technologies, a button free device can be made as waterproof as a diver's watch and retain full edge touch capabilities underwater.

In another embodiment, edge touch capability can be added to non-touchscreen devices such as televisions or remote controls. As with a smartphone, the controlled device's volume can be adjusted with a corner roll, its channel changed with a slide, and the device can be powered off with a pinch.

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