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Flood protection holder is permanently placed at the rear of a building, and has all the components in it to render the system automated with parts such as Motor, Battery, Circuit board, flood protection Material, etc. It has a tube travel strip that is connected to it and the bottom portion is cemented one feet underground around the entire perimeter with the top of the strip sitting on the surface around the building. The Magnetic lock strip that's also connected to the Holder is secure under the roof on the side of the building around the entire building.
Whenever a severe weather alert is received, if you are home you can use the wireless remote control to activate your system or if you’re away from your home or business you can use the FLOOD & HAIL PROTECTION SYSTEM APP to Activate the system by levels or percentage.
Whenever Flood protection system is activated it goes around the entire building making it water and hail proof. The system is solar powered with a backup battery. The flood protection Material is waterproof and hail proof, in return protecting the building from flood and hail damage.
Flood & hail protection system can be applied in three different applications.
#1 - Strip mall store front is activated from side to side then rises up to roof and lock.
#2 - Detached one storey building - when the system is activated it will span the entire building then rises to magnetic strip lock underneath the roof.
#3 - Detached two storey building has the same concept as #2. When activated it will go the 1st floor and lock, then 2nd level will go around the entire 2nd floor and lock making the building water and hail proof. Click on the link below to view the virtual prototype:

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