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Adjustable Bicycle Photo Phone Pad # 15/212,329

[Category : - Biking- Telecommunications- Indentification and payment methods]
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The description of this invention is a device located one side of the handle bars of a bike or motor cycle, and this device is used to hold cell phones and take selfies while riding a bike. The invention solves the problem of locking in your cell phone from the handlebars of your bike elevating and securing your cell phone for the business you need,the benefits of using it comparing the other available technologies is that your cell phone is secure while riding a bike. . See patent application # 15212329

Financial information

Looking for a license with royalties and developing a good friendship. Invention has not been sold or marketed, I believe their is a good potential for this product because of all the bikes sold and already in the world .As of today no specific conditions for the sale except to put the best product out there for a the best sale, because I have this in a patent application status # 15/212,329 that I think we need to take advantage of very very soon, Just need the cash!.

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