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Dog and Cat tissue and use device US Application Number 62/280,721

[Category : - HEALTH- PET PRODUCTS- Ordering and selling methods]
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First a tissue has to be created for dogs and cats and be able to place on a device made of plastic stick that inserts in and around the rectum of the animal to clean after a bowel movement as explained made of tissue residue on and the tip with the duration of the stick controlled with a grip end for hand held fingers to gently insert into the animal rectum cleaning it sufficiently after a bowel movement, this device should also be able to expand to clean outside or around the rectum for bowel movements regarding hairy animals to clean them up efficiently. Submitted under Patent Application Number 62280721

Financial information

The market potential for this invention can come out huge for the people whom care about their animal and realize they need to be clean just as a human does and know that now because this is yet to be in place there animals are having bowel movements and bearing to continue on with the residue still around their rectum. Look for an outright sale in reference to this.

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