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Retractable Reeled Garment Hanger

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- Cleaning devices- Furnitures]
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The present invention provides a garment hanger designed to maximize closet space. The device includes a garment hanger having a hook portion and a body portion connected by a retractable reel having a spring-biased spool with a cord wound thereon. The hook is substantially C-shaped and is designed to be hung on a closet rod or other means. The body portion is substantially triangular and designed to hang clothes thereon. The cord includes a proximal end permanently attached to the spring-biased spool and a distal end attached to the upper portion of the body portion. The retractable reel is configured to extend, retract, and latch the cord in a desired length. The retractable reel is also equipped with a spring-loaded pawl configured to engage and lock the spring-biased spool in a given state and prevent the spring-loaded spool from retracting the cord back onto the spool.

The hanger is a revolutionary product that is going to change the lives of millions of people everywhere. It is a garment hanger that has a retractable element attached to the hook of the hanger, allowing the body of the hanger to move up and down with ease, by the simple pull of a string! There is nothing like this on the market today, and this allows us complete control of any further product releases like this. The target market is generally for the elderly and handicapped, but virtually anyone else who has a hard time putting their clothing away or getting it down themselves will love this product as well. There are closet remodels that can be done, but that is very costly and permanent for the home, making it hard on the pocket book and even more difficult to transfer over to a new home if wanting or needing to move. When looking for a cost effective, working product that will meet their needs, we are confident that this hanger is the product for the job. This technology could also be used for individuals in need of more storage, allowing them to put rods higher up in their closet and still have direct access to their clothing. Yet still another possibility is the hanger being used in a child’s closet, allowing them the independence to dress themselves and even put away their clothing, teaching independence and responsibility. In 2012, there were 86,985,872 homeowners in the US alone. As you can see, this hanger has a use in every closet in America, and with such a versatile, helpful and clever product, you just cannot go wrong.

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Regarding the Retractable Reeled Garment Hanger, we are looking for an outright sale, or a license with royalties! We welcome any offers and opportunities.

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