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Micro Thermoelectric generator 1.5 volts

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This device is a micro thermoelectric generator that produces a high temperature to induce a small load of 1.5 v . It reaches more than 100 grades celssius temperature . This small device , can be manufactured in series with very little investment compared with Oreos high cost , such as those made of platinum, because this is made ​​from a proprietary coal derivative , so that makes it very cheap manufacture ( 1 / 100 one cent of dollar) .... Very easy to manufacture , since it only has 3 parts . It can work for furnaces , dryers , lighters , detonators ,spak glow ( Portables ) because it works with just 1.5 v can move anywhere without the need for alternating current ( AC ) ... You can sell the patent or collect royalties your respective country . Investors sought in Mexico or USA, or . Buyer for the entire patent. This proyect is developed in Universidad de Guadalajara (University of Guadalajara)
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