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3D metal printer

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I invented a 3D metal inkjet printer. Any metal or alloy may be used for printing. Also, the refractory metal. I printed an experimental product from ordinary steel. I bought a metal additive in a hardware store for $ 1 per pound. I can make the printer costs $ 15000. This 3D-Metal Jet printer can print on different planes. This printing and down and from side to top and bottom surfaces (ceiling printing). It can print in weightlessness. May splash into one point, two or three jets simultaneously. Rapid solidification of metal does not provide time for the separation of metals from the difference in specific gravity. The product obtained from the alloy, which can be obtained only in the space. The print head operates the high pressure and vacuum. Simultaneous printing of different materials makes it possible to smoothly change the composition of the material in detail. Of course, metal can be printed one to another. For example, if you need to create a support structure of cheap metal with an expensive corrosion-resistant coating. Or make a big thermocouple. The technology has the ability to stop printing, and remove from the table an unfinished product. Can be measured, processing, chemical processing, electroplating, etc. Running of the product at various stages of treatment and continue printing. You can simply remove the product, install it on a different plane, and print in a different direction. Such an opportunity is very important. It allows you to work on a simple three coordinate printer. This equipment is much cheaper than the five-axis machine tools. Yes, the five-coordinate metal 3D Jet printer lets you create fantastic elements. What we have now we can not imagine. But not everyone needs such expensive. In my humble opinion, it is necessary today, mixed media. 3D-printer Jet Metal is the basis for new technologies. This fundamental change in the process chains in engineering. This machine part with functions that are not possible to obtain the old methods of processing. This is the foundation of amazing inventions. When printing Jet Metal 3D-printer, in some cases it is necessary to use protective and cooling gases. And you can also use doping gases. Imagine the strength characteristics of parts that the entire depth of the nitrided. And as a result of rapid cooling of the carbon steel is quenched. There are a lot of machine elements, which are placed inside the other parts. 3D-Jet Metal printer makes a tremendous savings in construction. This eliminates unnecessary processing operation. And such mechanisms in modern machines tens. Only through 3D Jet Metal printer can be obtained via the inside of the product quality. The hollow portion of the light and durable, as well as birds tubular bones. This is the next step in the development of technology. It is hard to imagine how much energy is consumed by mankind to break up, or stop a useless pile of iron. The inertia of the parts is reduced repeatedly. Production of details on the Jet Metal 3D-printer will save the cost of production, but the hollow part to save energy user. Freedom of the press in the Jet Metal 3D-printers gives engineers the ability to create an easy and solid construction with fins in the right direction. We can stop the flow of metal and treating the product obtained in the same head. No huge stockpiles of materials. No huge warehouses, no complicated logistics. There is an endless list of tools. No mountains of waste. There are new types of equipment. This is a qualitative leap, and the third technological revolution. We will not longer cut parts from a huge piece. We have spent enormous resources. Now we are not going to remove the excess, and adds the necessary and sufficient. This invention will change the economy of the entire planet, it will change people's lives. Less metal requires less energy, less equipment, less working time, less damage to the environment. More opportunities to have more free time, more life. The future becomes the present. This is a technological breakthrough that was needed for the dynamics of the economy. It is an integral part of the development of civilization. Maybe you think that all this is too good, and therefore can not be true. If so, look at the pictures. You see a primitive laboratory bench. It's not even a prototype 3D-jet printer of metal. This plant laboratory to test this idea. And you see a 3D-object which I did. I have divided to show that it is empty. The coordinates of each point of the object I was doing manually. And every piece of steel I made manually. And, of course, it is not presentable. I tried to do everything exactly. But man is not a machine.

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