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Turns any phone into an effective emergency alert system

[Category : - HEALTH- Telecommunications- Security and alarms]
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Red Button turns any phone into an effective emergency alert system. No need for an extra device.

Developed as a cloud system it recognises a telephone number from a calling device (any type of phone) and rapidly connects a user to their first available friend or relative.
If required, emergency services can be quickly brought into the conversation to create a conference call allowing the friend or relative to coordinate a response.
(This is not a personal safety device; it’s a service).


The patents and the entire business including application are available for purchase.

Keywords: Personal Alert, Security, Communications, Red Button, Mobile Phone, Emergency Alert, Telecommunications, Telco, Cloud Application, Teleconference, Conference Call, Personal Alarm, Cloud PBX, Family Monitored.
Key points of difference…

*** Take action earlier in an emergency *** - Red Button is a soft option for “grey area” emergencies (e.g. “Am I having an attack or not?”) and people tend to call a friend or relative first in an emergency. Some people have good reason not to call 911 – particularly in rural locations (they will be dead before help arrives) or minority groups. For people worried about the cost of an ambulance or hospital visit – they can seek counsel first from a trusted contact.

*** Make emergency response more effective *** - Instant conference call with 911 (Emergency Services) – the friend or relative can coordinate with emergency services to assist in guiding them to the person, act as interpreter (for non-English speaking people), provide medical information and how to locate or access their property. Some people don’t need emergency services – but still need assistance. Red Button facilitates assistance from a trusted group.

*** Low cost *** this is a family/friends monitored service; but still highly effective.

*** True simultaneous calling *** other emergency devices claim simultaneous calling but only through the use of a communications server can this be achieved (otherwise its sequential dialing).

*** The ideal target market is ***
Ageing “baby boomer” population bubble moving into episodic illness territory – still mobile but fearful of having an attack. A rapidly growing demographic.
This is NOT a product for the frail aged (a considerably smaller market).

*** The ideal path to market is ***
A large Telco looking for a low-cost-to-implement ‘added value service’ to reduce churn without the need to provide another device (it works on existing mobiles and/or landline services).
Verizon comes to mind.

The patent will provide a barrier for competitors attempting to imitate the service.
For a Telco, even a small 1% reduction in churn returns millions.

Our website contains an excellent frequently asked questions page Link

The patent is somewhat verbose and takes some analysis to see what it is getting at (patents can be like that – but you know that already).
This is a link to a document that explains the patent in plain language (and details of the core live system) Link

The patent covers a number of potential applications such as:
- e-health monitoring system
- emergency alert
- social media calls
- instant group teleconference
- PTT over cellular

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