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Handle Scale. New industrial weight measurement breakthrough

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Welcome to our world where the importance of timely information can help you save time, money, and effort.

How many times have you traveled with a suitcase only to find out that it's over weight and that you'll be required to pay extra fees or, even worse, that it won't be accepted by the airline? How many times have you wished you had a scale at hand to know if your package or luggage is within the weight parameters stipulated by the union loaders in the United States and other countries - thus avoiding delays and setbacks or costly repacking charges?

These are just some of the uses for "W8pro", an invention that will undoubtedly create added value to your product and can easily integrate into your product without spending millions of dollars by simply licensing the patent for our invention.

W8pro is designed to integrate into any product with handles and adds the ability to indicate weight ranges without resorting to costly electronic devices that require maintenance and batteries, as W8pro is 100% mechanical and can be customized and adapted to your needs and those of your product.

One's imagination is the only limit. W8pro provides reliable information in a timely manner without the need for accessories, as it is 100% integrated into your product.

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