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Portable digital readout measuring device

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A portable digital readout measuring device preferably includes a digital readout device, a guide and at least one mounting base. The guide is slidably retained in the digital readout device. The digital readout device preferably includes a LCD display and a readout magnet. The readout magnet is attached to a backside of the digital readout device. Preferably, a connection cable connects the digital readout device to a slave LCD display. The mounting base preferably includes a retention slot, at least one fastener and a base magnet. The guide is inserted into the slot and retained in the mounting base by tightening the at least one fastener. An alternative mounting base includes a round magnet. In use, the readout magnet is attached to a way of an industrial machine. The guide is slid, until the base magnet contacts a carriage of the machine.

Financial information

I am looking to sell my invention, because I do not have the money to put this into the market or have the experience. There can be a target markets and suggested but not limited in Machinists and Trade Schools. Distribution Channels: In Industrial Machinists Tools- Retail, Electrical Industrial Apparatus, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Mail Order & Catalog Shopping, Internet Sites, TV Infomercials and Exporters. The cost of making this tool would be about 100.00 and can be sold about 4-5 hundred dollars if waterproof would be more. The advantages & benefits of this Portable D.R.O Digital Read Out Device would facilitate more accurate measurements, helping increase productivity that can be lost to mistaken readings. The digital device's portability would allow individual machinists to keep up with their own equipment, so that the product would not be susceptible to theft or damage by unauthorized users. Universal in concept, this product would prove ideal for many industrial machine types, including Horizontal machines, Bullards, Kings, V.T.L.s and Lathes. See for yourself in my website Link how I use this tool on a lathe on daily basis. My email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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