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The Original Bag Daddy will carry bags and more HANDS FREE!

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Have the thin handles on plastic grocery bags ever hurt your hands? The handles on recyclable bags are small and never fit past your bicep! What if you could carry all of your bags and have one or two free hands?

The Original Bag Daddy is the answer!

Now you can transfer the weight from your fingers and arms to your shoulder and back. What Does The Original Bag Daddy Carry? The Original Bag Daddy is made for carrying plastic bags, grocery baskets, buckets, laundry baskets, reusable bags and much more. We hope you like it. If so, help us bring it to life.

Why Would You Need The Original Bag Daddy?

Since the early eighties, people have carried plastic bags with thin handles. In which time, the smartphone, tablet, TV, electric cars, and robots have evolved into essential parts of our everyday lives. Yet, a task as simple as carrying bags has been tedious forever! Why suffer the pain and loss of circulation from bags? What if carrying bags wasn't such a hassle? What if you could carry those bags hands-free?

There are no other inventions that can compare to this one. In fact, the Original Bag Daddy works with other carrying devices such as Carabiners ect.

May 2015 - Provisional Patent Filed (The patent covers a independent carrying device that is meant to carry bags on your shoulder).

October 2015 - QC Testing.

The trustworthy and patented design has been tested repeatedly. We want to assure you that there isn't a more efficient way to manufacture, assemble, and distribute the best final product.

What we ended up with is the strongest and most efficient design yet.

November 2015 - Trademark Process began.

May 2016 - Non-Provisional Patent Filed.

As with all serious products, we have applied for a patent and registered the design. Design registration has been applied for. Serial registration # 62163892.

Innovate! ... This is what we love to do!

To make sure The Original Bag Daddy is a sure shot, we stuck to these basic evaluation questions.

1. Is it functional? Yes!

2. Is it easy to use? Yes!

3. Is it attractive? Yes!

4. Is it reliable? Double Yes!

We turned those questions into standards.

These standards are what you we at The Original Bag Daddy abide by to give a high quality product.


Financial information

We at the Original Bag Daddy would like to find a suitable hybrid deal. A one time payment and .35 cents per unit sold.

The manufacturing cost can be drastically lowered if bulk quantities of parts were purchased and assembly was automated.

The cost per unit for us is around $1.00 out the door. In YOUR hands it may be .40 cents or less. MSRP 4.99 or 8.99.

The Original Bag Daddy has not been sold in any retail stores.

We believe that the potential is unlimited and we know this patent has a great future. We know that every company will want and demand their logo on this product. Companies such as Kroger, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Field & Stream, Disney World, 6 Flags and even the U.S Military will love this product.

Before you go, imagine a chiropractor telling the world this is better for you than conventional methods. Or a construction worker saying how many trips he can save by carrying more tools at once than he ever could before.

We have 3 more designs that are all covered under the same patent.

This sale also includes the materials th assemble approx. 4300 units.

We are open to offers and we are willing to negotiate.

See our website at

Thank you for your time.


Jeff Colvin
The Original Bag Daddy

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