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Safety Dog Lead

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I created the “Safety Dog Lead” April of 2013 to use with my dog while riding a bicycle so that the lead would not tangle in the wheel of the bicycle. I have since realized its many uses such as a lead that would not wrap around the dog’s neck when the 12-inch nipple is attached to the dog’s collar instead of the bicycle.

The “Safety Dog Lead” is a safety-conscious lead designed for those who wish to protect their dog from having the lead wrap around their neck or get tangled in the wheel of a bicycle depending on which end the 12-inch nipple is attached to. While riding a bicycle the bungee incorporated into the design provides time for the rider to lean against the direction the dog or dogs are pulling to allow all the force to do directly down into the tire and maintain control of the bike.

There are many designs available for purchase on the market to walk/run a dog on a lead however none are of such a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use design. They are all relatively expensive in comparison as well. I have also never seen such a design as this for use in attaching a dog or dogs to a pick-up box or other 4x4 utility vehicle such as a Gator. The “Safety Dog Lead” makes use of a 12-inch nipple and bungee to provide necessary range of movement while ensuring the safety of the user and the dog. It has multiple uses as well ranging from simply walking or jogging with one, two or more dogs, riding a bicycle with one, two or more dogs or even tying the dog to the back of a 4x4 vehicle among the many other uses.

Financial information

The market potential is enormous, Just in town alone I am stopped constantly and asked where they can get one. They are cheap, durable, functional and they can be painted or decorated before or after manufacturing.

I will accept outright sale if it is a reasonable price,

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