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Waterproof backpack with integral garment hangers

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A backpack with integral garment hanging means is herein disclosed, comprising a large rear compartment that can neatly store clothes by means of folding hangers. To access the rear compartment, one would disconnect a pair of shoulder straps and open a zipper along both sides and upper surfaces of the backpack, thereby leaving the front cover hinged at the base. When disconnected it exposes a rounded "headstone"-shaped rear compartment having a plurality of folding garment hangers attached at the top. The hangers have a short neck and are hinged at their outward points to accommodate the small confines of the compartment. This backpack allows for the placement of several articles of clothing on folding hangers inside the backpack minimizing wrinkling. The hangers can be removed and used on a conventional closet rod. The exterior covering of the backpack is of a waterproof textile material to allow use in the rain as well.

At one time, the common backpack was only used for camping trips to carry gear,food, and supplies into the wilderness. However, as its popularity grew, it became
commonly seen carrying books, papers, and homework back and forth to school.Recently, it has entered into the business world as a functional and safe way to carry portable computers, other electronic business aids, and important papers. Its
increase in popularity can be attributed to the fact that it facilitates the carrying of relatively heavy loads with ease since the shoulder straps, and perhaps even a waist
strap, help to distribute the weight over one’s entire body. This is in sharp contrast to the concentrated loads placed on arms and shoulders by conventional handles and straps. However, one area in which the use of the backpack has not seen service is
with that of luggage. This is primarily due to the fact that it is difficult to store clothing inside where it will not become exceedingly wrinkled. Familiar with such hassles, business professional and frequent traveler,
The Waterproof Backpack with Integral Garment Hangers, nicknamed the “1-Bag,” is truly an “all-in-one” travel bag, perfect for the business and short-term traveler. The “1-Bag” employs an innovative design allowing it to function as a backpack, a suitcase, a laptop case and a brief case in one, all while having
waterproof properties. Various storage compartments provide for a typical backpack function, while the main compartment contains conventional-rod hangers for use as
a suitcase/hanging bag. Moreover, the specially-designed hinged hangers enable maximized space. Furthermore, the design offers a convenient compartment for a laptop, laptop accessories, and paperwork. Due to its relatively small size, the “1-Bag” can be carried onto airplanes, thus saving the traveler from having to check in a second or third bag at additional costs. The “1-Bag” is a travel solution and will save the traveler time, money, worry, and hassle.

Financial information

Looking to license or sell and keep small royalties.

Market Potential
Travel industry is a 18.7 billion dollar a year in luggage ext. I have trade mark and utility patent.

Product has not been sold or manufactured so you have ability to change sign, and add a collection of products to go with mine so you'd have more than 1 product you could sell.. I do have a website and it is on

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