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Cellular Phone in a Body of a Home/Office Telephone

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This current invention is directed to a self-contained cell telephone station for placement in the home or work environment, a phone station in a body of a traditional telephone set which can send and receive telephone calls over CDMA & GSM communication bands and direct link satellite communication such Iridium and other similar systems.
The result is a highly mobile and adaptable communication device designed for placement in a work or home environment free of the wired telephone grid, or POTS (plain old telephone system) in other words “No terrestrial physical connection for traditional telephone service” is needed.
Since millions of people in the United States and around the world use cellular phones, we devised an invention that combined the easy to use traditional phone body with updated multi-network cellular and satellite access functionality.
The invented Desktop Cellular Phone fills the gap between the portability of a cellular phone and the functionality of desktop, ideal for offices, homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.
With the incredible explosion in new cellular telephone technology, there is a growing market segment that has opted out of traditional telephone services. Since cellular telephones are so convenient and portable, it makes little sense to also have home telephone wireless services since they are isolated to a single geographic landline connection and in certain areas connecting land lines can be cumbersome and expensive.
Cellular telephones are offering increasingly complex services which are not applicable to a large consumer segment, specifically the graying population of the world. These additional services are less relevant to the aging population who has little need for Internet, email, video, apps and all the assorted new service offerings from cellular carriers. Also, this portion of the population is more accustomed to traditional handset-based telephone equipment because of their ease of use and familiarity. Therefore in order to serve this market segment, I introduce the innovation of a cellular telephone device that works, looks and feels like a traditional desktop business/home telephone.
The invented Cellular phone in a body of a Home office Telephone includes high gain antennas that allow the devise the reception of telephone signals through all the existing different wireless protocols in use.
For maximum compatibility with future 4 G communications, the LTE CDMA standard should be utilized--depending on costs. By using both antennas inside the cellular handset, and a CPU/Switching Hardware with 3 channel switching device we have a product that can work on every cellular market on earth.
Besides detecting the different type signals, through the use of auxiliary antennas, the CPU will determine what mode of operation will be the most convenient and then open a channel of communications through the appropriate carrier. This approach will be on a modular basis.
A cellular range extender is included to improve signal strength for areas with poor coverage.
By connecting directly to a cellular service provider, we offer the comfort of a traditional handset with the flexibility and power of modern internet communications. The current invented Desktop also have WIFI capabilities.
A regular cell phone lacks the capacity of being used with an exterior keyboard and screen, but with the use of USB ports our devise can be used as a full computer.
This system eliminates the need for costly telephone cabling in the premises, reduces monthly recurring fees by consolidating telephonic services and creates a technology platform for the development of futures services.
Through a global marketing research it is already know that this is a fantastic new innovation, unique and beneficial as compared with existing wireless communication technologies can be marketed globally.
The product has been approved to be manufactured because it meets the Industrial Applicability requirement of PCT Article 33 (4)

Financial information

We will consider any type of agreement that can bring this product to the market.

Current status:
Patent Granted in China
Patent Pending in the Unites States

Asking Licensing Price and annual royalty percentage: To be Negotiated

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Miriam G. Sorondo, CEO

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