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Charging Station for Portable Electronic Devices

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A charging station for portable electronic devices includes a base having a substantially vertical and forward facing wall and at least one suction cup secured to the forward facing wall to temporarily secure the portable electronic devices to the forward facing wall in a position that the portable electronic devices can be viewed and operated while recharging.

The objective of this patent is a universally compatible docking solution for Personal Electronic Devices like smart phones and tablets. The docking solution allows for touch-enabled use without handling the device by effectively securing lateral movement by means of suction with a safety ledge. Our patented method does this and more without blocking access to all four sides of the device where power, sleep, and volume buttons reside.

The application of this patent is infinite. The claims support applications that can be used in the home, automobiles, biking, retail stores, and the bar, restaurant, airline, and hotel market . Prototypes for each application have been produced and proven with extensive testing. The beautiful thing about this patent is the simplicity of the concept over more complex designs that are costly to manufacture. The concept is scalable without significant investment dollars and extremely easy to use.

Among other things the patent is controlling two primary functions - lateral movement and premature suction release by completely reducing the gravitational force on the suction with a security ledge. In addition, we provide the user the means to add the amount of suction they desire to make the device easy to remove by using different diameters of micro-suction material, which is replaceable, making that portion a semi-disposable product for recurring revenue.

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The market potential for this utility patent is huge. The natural evolution from laptops to tablets and portable devices will increase the demand for this IP. Every home owner has potential for use within their residence, automobile, or on recreational vehicles (bicycles, etc.). There's also huge potential in the retail and restaurant sectors for online checkout, ordering, etc, as well as the hotel and airline market. I'm sure there are many applications that I have yet to realize.

The simplicity of the design positions it for low investment manufacturing methods. This patent has several continuations in process that further extend the IP. Please take a look at our website - Link We are willing to consider an outright sale, licensing, or partnership.

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