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The Compact Non Vibrating Endothermic Engine (CoNVEE in the following) is the engine of the future, since such a light engine reach a mileage which overcomes the results of energy and economic efficiency "from well to wheel" of all other technologies, even electric drive. It is an internal combustion engine with reciprocating motion of the pistons, whose innovative architecture makes it more compact, given the same delivered power, with respect to the current state of the art. This happens both because the CoNVEE core occupies a very reduced volume, and also because it does not require the presence of any additional compensation or damping of mechanical vibrations. In fact all the moving parts of the CoNVEE are already internally compensated: they act in perfect anti- symmetry compensating each inertia force developed. The intrinsic compactness of the CoNVEE is made possible by the new and characteristic mechanism adopted for the motion transfer from the pistons to the motor shaft. The CoNVEE is a clean two stroke opposing pistons engine, with dedicated pre-compression chambers behind pistons were no lubricant reaches the combustion chamber while scavenging air is pushed inside. No need of blowers or turbochargers nor poppet valves. Pistons run is not just sinusoidal but can be optimized. Pistons don't push against liner so that their skirt can be the shortest, saving more space. See following links

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