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Adjustable Back, Neck, and Body Contour Support Cushion

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An inflatable back, neck, and body contour cushion that adjusts to fit all sizes and shapes of users. The invention comprises an inflatable air bladder that is contained within a fabric cover. The air bladder intentionally contains a much larger potential volume relative to the level of inflation. This design allows the air contained within the bladder to freely move and fill the void between the back, neck, or other body contour and the surface the user is resting against. The cushion may be used in all types of chairs, recliners, and sofas. It works great when travelling in a car or plane with equal benefit for low back and neck support. When used against a soft surface, such as a sofa, a greater volume of air is blown into the bladder. When used against a firm surface, such as an office chair, a smaller amount of air is blow into the bladder. The cushion is light weight and very portable for use in multiple situations. It is inexpensive to manufacture, but has a high utility value, and therefore the profit margin is large. I have been selling this product with much success for an individual. It's name on the market is "The Back Sac." It has great reviews on Amazon that you may review to get a better understanding of its many uses and real customer satisfaction. This product is absolutely unique compared to other back cushions due to the level of maximum adjustability and adaptability to all seating and resting surfaces. It's greatest value lies in its ability to relieve back pain, which is one of the largest medical challenges of our time.

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The product is currently sold at a MAP price of $29.95 and unit price for manufacturing is $4.16 (1000 units).

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