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Protect passengers during the crash and fire.

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When the plane crashed. As a result of collision with the Earth and the possibility of fire caused by the blast. All the passengers are injured and burned in the fire. With the invention and design should not problems occur.
Design of the aircraft and the airline has saved the lives of passengers.
So far, the plan has not been used. Passenger will be a great help to travelers and companies
Passengers will board the plane safely. While passengers will be killed when the plane crashed without a doubt.
With this idea and proposal, we can save the lives of passengers. No longer afraid of planes and even to use the scheme to protect the lives of passengers.
Everyone needs to have a good life. All people need to survive and live. Should be humanely killed. Due to defects in aircraft engines should not be careless and people killed. I am against killing people. Perhaps the day will come when these schemes do not have a fear of falling aircraft. Thank you to those who are thought to protect human health.
I'm always thinking about people and their lives.
I'm asking airlines to communicate with me. Money is not important to me. The preservation of human life is important.
Thanks to all your loved ones.
The plan should be tested. I would run out to supporters.

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