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Winding for a stator element of an electromagnetic motor

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The present invention relates to a winding (1) for a stator element of an electromagnetic motor or generator, and to the method for producing it. This winding (1) comprises at least two interwoven conductive limbs (10, 10′, 10″) each corresponding to a phase of an electric current, at least one limb (10, 10′, 10″) of the winding being rigid and a in single component.
The invention also relates to a permanent-magnet electromagnetic motor or generator comprising such a winding (1). Such a motor or generator is preferably, but non-limitingly applicable under non-ambient temperature or pressure conditions.
The invention also relates to a method for producing such a winding (1) from a blank of at least one material by material removal or by casting in a mold of at least one component material for each of the limbs (10, 10′, 10″).

The invention was manufacture and tested,
The advantages of our axial flux permanent magnets motors with such winding are:
Reduction of manufacturaring time;
Axial flux permanent magnet motors provide high-torque transmission without requiring mechanical gear systems;
Electrical motors with a very high power-to-weight ratio;
Ideal technology for situations where size is a key issue;
Very low energy loss;
Reliable over time and hard-wearing.

Financial information

WHYLOT. SAS is looking for an outright sale, a license with royalties or another form of partnership can also be proposed.
Our invention has never been previously sold.
The market potential is : Electric motors, brushless motors for industrial applications such as : electric or hybride vehicule, wind turbine generators or tidal turbine generators, etc.

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