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Interception-resistant Authentication System

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Security and alarms- Indentification and payment methods]
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Have you been told that your passwords are too weak ? Have you been asked to length your passwords and use special characters to the point that you can't even remember ? Weak passwords make systems vulnerable, yet strong passwords make you forget. Is there a way to keep the passwords simple and yet still make the system secure ?!

Yes, there is ! Technology is finally sophisticated enough to fix the weaknesses of traditional passwords.

Introducing a breakthrough digital security innovation : Graphic Access Tabular Entry [ GATE ], an interception-proof authentication and encryption system and method.

GATE is a revolutionary user authentication system that retains account security even in situations where potential intruders witness the entries being made due to the fact that GATE hides user pins among other symbols, and some user pins might not even appear in a particular login session. This makes GATE an interception-resistant authentication system.

GATE can use short and easy to remember passcodes to prevent peeking, keylogging, phishing and dictionary attack.

A utility patent has been granted for this breakthrough technology, for detailed info, go to : Link

GATE has won 5 Cyber Security awards in the past year.

I've set up an online demo where you can give GATE a try : Link

There are also 3 YouTube videos, the long version is the best [ has movie clips ], enjoy ^_^ !
[1] GATE Demo ( 6 Min ) Link
[2] Can You Guess GATE Passcode ? ( Short version 1 Min ) Link
[3] GATE Advantage ( Medium + Long version 13 + 10 Min ) Link

Financial information

I'm looking for organizations who might be interested in and benefit from the GATE system, I'm also looking for agents who are interested in commission based sales/referral/marketing.

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